Monday, May 1

Can the success in rebuilding Japan be duplicated?

In continuation of our class activity, please give your opinion. Can Iraq be rebuilt as successfully as Japan was? Or was Japan a unique case? Or is the truth somewhere in between?

Tuesday, April 18

What political system for China?

Now that you have a sense of Chinese history, what place does democracy have in a nation like China? Can it succeed? Why or why not? Also, consider why so many people in China voluntarily turned to communism before 1949. Try to refer to facts from throughout China's history.

Wednesday, April 12

Confucianism, Legalism & Daoism

Since we did not have much time to discuss this in class, please share your thoughts here. How would your lives be different if you (and our entire society) believed in and strictly practiced either Confucianism, legalism or Daoism? Try to be as specific as posssible. (What is something you do now that you would have to do differently? What is something you do not do now that you would have to do? etc.)

Tuesday, April 11

Preparation Worksheet for India Test Essay

Please give me your feedback on the essay preparation worksheet for the India test? In what ways was it helpful? How might it be different to help you more? Feel free to be honest.

Monday, April 10

Chinese Dynasties

How might our knowledge of China's dynasties be helpful in understanding our modern world? Think of any connections you can make or lessons that can be learned. The field is wide open!

Monday, March 13

Hinduism & Buddhism

Here is an attempt to deal with an idea we only briefly discussed in class. How might our society in the US today be different if it were influenced heavily by either Hinduism or Buddhism? As we are talking about religion here, please try to keep your comments diplomatic - I have faith in all of you!

Friday, February 17


The following quote surely does not represent all black South Africans in the fight against apartheid, but it is a view that a significant number of people believed:

"In pursuing our struggle, cognisance must be taken of the fact that our flight is all-embracing and is against the whole system of white domination. It is therefore unwise to waste valuable time and energy at conference and conventions whose chief aim is to impose upon us a MULTI-RACIAL PROGRAMME as against a PURELY African-inspired programme....The time for consultation is over, and all that is left for us is to strike a death-blow at the monster of exploitation and white domination."

Consider this quote in the context of a struggle in which most of the world sympathized with the opponents of apartheid. Also consider how you might react hearing a similar statement from an African American in the fight against segregation in the United States in the 50s or 60s.